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We are dynamic company supplying tropical fruits, berries and vegetables. We offer our clients high quality, efficiency and individual approach to each order.


Formation of leadership on the international arena through cost optimization; reduce delivery time, reliability of supply growth performance and use of unconventional thinking as well as the high level of professionalism of our employees.


Be a leading food producer for the future of everyone.

Our work process begins long before you have the opportunity to evaluate our product. We control every stage in the production chain from the selection of fertile soil for growing crops and all the way to packing and dispatching the product.


Our quality asses system consists of the following elements:

● The conclusion of long-term contractual relationships with farms;

● The decision to purchase a product after the regulatory inspection of farming, for the use of chemical soil quality;

● We monitor the farming, processing and transportation of our products.

It's very important that integrated systems approach be used, including monitoring risk management at every stage.

Stage 1: We select an agricultural crop, based on your individual requirements;

Stage 2: We select the most advantageous means of delivery;

Stage 3: Creating a commercial proposal;

Stage 4: After the signing parties agree to the terms and conditions we begin packing and shipping the goods.